Dragon’s Dogma Part Two (of Two)

I wanted to give Dragon’s Dogma the Hakuna Matata treatment; taking screenshots and making an irregular feature out of them. The Problem: After playing Dragon’s Dogma for a couple of weeks, I found that it was actually pretty dull. The constant back-tracking. The lame sidequests. The real “matter-of-fact” tone of voice every character has presented with no personality or humor included. The story that makes no sense whatsoever. The difficulty that just drops towards the end of the game, turning you and your buddies into human steamrollers. It all just weighs this game down.

Not to say that Dragon’s Dogma is a particularly bad game or anything, it’s just that I’m playing it on the same console as Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and, come March 11, Dark Souls II. It’s just lacking by comparison, is all.

So here’s some screenshots. Mostly fighting big fuck-off monsters (which is cool no matter what) and showing off the new fashions of my character and my pawn.



A couple shots of the ending. It was basically “surreal anime conclusion” as all get out and I couldn’t wrap my head around it.






Some big monster fights, which include Death and Shuma-Gorath.


Me, trying to look like Twink Pornstar Auron…


…and my Pawn, not wearing pants.


Carrying my Pawn around like he’s property shortly after killing a Chimera. Who are the real monsters here?

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