My brush with gaming journalism

Dark Souls II came out last Tuesday. It’s a good game for sure, and I would definitely recommend it if you’re in the market for a challenging, yet fun dungeon crawler. But while I was playing it, I was reminded of an incident involving the first Dark Souls.

I used to be internet pals with a video game journalist. And by gaming journalist, I mean a guy who did/does some freelance reviews of Wii shovelware for Gamespot. Basically, a nobody. It wasn’t like I was pals with Sushi-X or something.

Anyways. Somehow, despite not being a real deal gaming guru reviewer, he had managed to get his hands on a review copy of the first Dark Souls roughly one month in advance. You had better believe he went out of his way to brag about playing Dark Souls before everyone else. “Ha ha, I have Dark Souls and you don’t!” Juvenile shit. Which is stupid, to be certain.

Of course, this then led to this motherfucker dropping spoilers about the game. Hey, thanks for letting me know that Seath from King’s Field shows up as a boss in Dark Souls. You know what would be better than that? Fucking finding that out for myself in four weeks time, you fat idiot!

Dropping spoilers for a hotly anticipated game I was willing to line up outside for like a jabroni for is one thing. But what got me to completely cut off any contact with this dude and seal myself away from gaming journalism forever was him following up his hot hot Dark Souls spoilers with a bizarre, homophobic rant about Dumbledore from Harry Potter. Basically, he felt that gay people shouldn’t be in fiction because it’s like, totally gross, man (I realize a number of entries on this blog have been about my sexuality. I don’t mean to bring it up all the time, it just sort of happens due to it usually being tied into whatever I’m writing about). I like to imagine he had a big meltdown and tore down all of his Harry Potter merchandise.

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  1. I find those types of people to be really bizarre. I just wonder what their thought life and their awareness of reality are like.

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