I'd make a terrible Dom

I feel like making another TMI post about my sex life, so here goes.

I like bondage. Just gonna throw that out there. The concept of complete control over someone, at least in terms of a sexual act, is a massive turn-on. Tied-up boys are just the best as far as me and my boner are concerned. It’s also the main reason why, out of all the pretty boy models on Tumblr, I’ve latched onto Steven Kauk the most. He’s not just some dude in his underwear; it’s him posing in leather briefs, shackles, collars, ballgags, leashes. All of that shit is extremely My Shit. My biggest sexual fantasy is to take some pretty boy like that, tie him up, throw him face down on a bed and then do whatever I want to him. It’s right under “attend a Wrestlemania” on my bucket list.

But I’m too Laissez Faire, too “Whatever, man” to really go all the way, though. Like, slowly teasing someone in bounds and making them beg permission to come and then denying them a few times before suddenly changing your mind and making them finish up before they were ready is all well and good, but going beyond that is my problem. I can’t get into the verbal degredation or the physical stuff. Tee’ing off on my metaphorical boyfriends scrotum with a Singapore Cane while I call him a bitch and a slut and a no good cum-guzzling whore is just this line that I don’t want to go over. Seeing Subs with welts and cuts all over them like they just lost a fight while some gross shlub who looks like one of the henchmen from Hellraiser smacks them on the ass and calls them names that would normally start a barfight breaks my heart. I just want to have a boyfriend and do normal boyfriend things with them, then break out the bonds when we’re all horned up.

Now, I don’t feel guilty or anything about my lack of willingness to dive headlong into the deep end of BDSM. I’m just kind of drunk and felt like writing a small post about what gets my dick hard.

4 thoughts on “I'd make a terrible Dom”

  1. I feel like I can relate, lol. My ideas don’t often fit in with the usual BDSM stuff you see in that “scene”. I’m not a particularly verbal person either, so I’m interested in communicating in more physical ways. I think there’s room for a range of types, though. It doesn’t seem like a big stretch to find someone who wants to get kinky in the bedroom and doesn’t need to go to a place that would be uncomfortable or out-of-character for you.

    And I’m somewhat surprised that’s under “attend a Wrestlemania” on your bucket list. If you have a choice between having your way with Steven Kauk and going to Wrestlemania, what happens? 😛

  2. I’d either bang him after the main event (and since this is obviously a fantasy that will never happen in real life, the main event would be Jack Swagger vs the resurrected Giant Baba for reasons unknown even to me), or do my thing while watching a stream available on the WWE Network, which is only $9.99* a month!

    *with six month commitment

  3. Haha, nice. I’ve heard that WWE Network thing is a really good deal, considering what you get access to and that traditional PPV’s are outrageously priced.

  4. Yeah I’ll end up getting it at some point, if only so I don’t have to rely on unreliable illegal streams that crap out all the danged time. Also because WWE owns the video libraries for AWA, WCCW and I believe Mid-South Wrestling. I’ve gained an appreciation for Southern wrestling these last few years and I’m hella interested in those.

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