Dream Journal: June 19, 2014

I’m at a bar with some friends. Among them is an online friend from California I’ve never actually met in person before, so this is a pretty important night for me. We engage in meaningless small talk for a while, before she suddenly grabs my phone out of my pocket and looks through the photos I’ve taken.

“Hey, we should take a picture together!” She yells. Then after looking at my more scandalous Tumblr pics of me in my underwear, adds in, “well, preferably one without your dick hanging out, ha ha ha ha!”

I take my phone back and get it ready to take pictures. But when I turn my head back to my friend, something odd has happened: her head is now that of a dog’s. Her body is still very much human, it’s just her head that’s changed.

Looking around, everyone in this bar has dog heads all of a sudden. Except for me; I’m still completely human. I think it’s weird, but not weird enough to not take the picture and get back into the party.

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