Trying something new

I want to update this thing more, even if I don’t have an idea for a story or an article, or don’t want to put together a collection of music. And I’ve also been thinking about the massive amount of text posts I have on Tumblr, despite the fact that Tumblr is not really a site built for blocks of the written word; it’s built for audio/visual media. So I’m going to try something here: jotting down a series of thoughts and feelings I have about things and stuff, where I can expand and elaborate on them as needed. Also, unlike Tumblr, literal children do not follow or subscribe to this site, so I won’t feel guilty about posting dick pics or whatever Not Safe For Work stuff I want. Seriously, man, 2011-2012 was just me posting all types of weird, perverted shit that either made me laugh or made me horny, or both. Now it’s like, “hmm, maybe I shouldn’t post this otherwise hilarious photoset of weird looking Austrians pissing on each other in case some fourteen year old Homestuck fan sees it and is warped for life.” So there’s that, too.

Anyway, let’s get this started.

  • I’m a grown ass man, what the hell am I doing reading Yaoi? Like, I know that it presents hella messed up portrayals of homosexual male relationships and, in some cases, is notorious for the “tiny head and long fingers” art style that makes everyone look like they have Marfan Syndrome, but at the same time…tumblr_n7m5c1i3cl1rz0ra0o1_1280 

    …Gay Porn is Gay Porn and, fuck it, I have to look at something when I get a boner.

  • I downloaded a copy of Inazuma Eleven for 3DS yesterday because it was on sale and I wanted to give it a shot. It’s pretty cool so far. But now that we have a Soccer RPG, Level 5, you know what we need now: Basketball RPG. Make it happen.
  • I’m pretty sure that opening paragraph counts as a thought.
  • Back to my 3DS, I’ve been getting tired of playing games of Resident Evil: Revelations and Mercenaries 3D with random people. Either because they’re shit, or they do that thing where you set up a multiplayer lobby and never press start when other people enter. I should really organize a time and date to play with my friends.
  • I think I’m going to do another Summer Music Compilation. My old external hard drive is working again, meaning that I’ve recovered literal years worth of music. What better way to make use of that then to put it together into a list?

I’ll have something more another time.

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