Non-Retail Memorabilia

I got bored today, and decided to take pictures of shit I have in my home. This will be similar to my retail memorabilia posts (hence the title), which reminds me that I still have at least one more of those left to do. I just need to borrow a scanner, first.

To begin, here’s some stuff tacked onto this massive corkboard I have.


A day calendar to support and benefit the National Children’s Cancer Society. Not really a piece of memorabilia, but it’s for the kids, you know?


My ticket from when I went to go see My Bloody Valentine during their 2009 reunion tour. Back then, the MBV album was just a pipe dream. I got beer spilled on me after I got shoulder tackled by a security guard literally seconds after getting my cup filled. He was going after a couple of guys who were just standing by the merch stand; his Action Man sprint was completely unnecessary. On the plus side, I ended up in the front row, doing possibly permanent damage to my hearing.


The tag from a Deathnote t-shirt I bought, and the insert from a Protoman action figure I have sitting on my desk. The looked kind of cool, and were pretty small, so I just tacked them up. I didn’t take pictures of the shirt or the figure because I know I have some laying around somewhere on my hard drive. Also uh, I forgot.


A little blurry here for some reason. It says: “James! you’re the BEST!! ali g =)” It’s an autograph from Ali Goosens, formerly of the late Reviving Cecilia. I was at a show one night, really drunk, when I jokingly asked for an autograph. I mean, I don’t really need one, since we’ve been friends for years now, but it’s pretty funny to sit down and look at. Especially considering that this was written on the back of my crumpled up drink receipt.


A couple of cards I got from friends I haven’t spoken to in years, for one reason or another (ooh mysterious). I censored their names for privacy’s sake, even though there’s literally zero information that could be gathered from these cards; I just like being careful.


A movie poster for Beavis and Butt-Head Do America that I won as a door prize at a comic convention way, way back in the day. Jack Frost is just chilling out underneath.


Another movie poster for a film my friend was working on. I, uh, don’t actually know if it ever came out or not. A cursory Google search tells me no.

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