I just stepped off the scale. I weigh 138 pounds, which is actually the most I have ever weighed in my life.

Dang man, I’m getting fat as hell.

6 thoughts on “Weight”

  1. You obese motherfucker. How dare you, with your gigantic fat ass, fill up that crucial empty middle-seat barrier which is so necessary for comfortable air travel.

    (Please, sit on my face.)

  2. I’m gaining weight and working on a first-person video game. I’m pretty sure I’m metamorphosing into Gabe Newell.

  3. Gabe Newell is at the head of one of the most successful video game companies around. Probably not a bad thing to aspire to. You could always lose the weight later. Who knows, maybe you’d like being a bear?

  4. I wish I was naturally at that weight. I don’t know how tall you are, though. I only went that far down because of health problems forcing weight loss. It’s easy to lose weight when eating causes you pain, haha. I have to be really careful if I want to maintain a weight below 150lbs. Either lots of exercise or little eating, or both. I guess I’m an endomorph? I dunno, I’m pretty drunk since getting proper meds is apparently a big fucking issue where I live. If the doctor is decent, which ain’t that common, then the law thinks it knows better than the doctor. If not the law, then insurance companies think they know better. If it’s not them, it’s the fucking pharmacists. Everyone wants to be the big boss but they also want to pass the responsibility onto someone else. Not to mention the cost of the medications themselves. I can fucking see why heroin is on the rise. I hope all those dumb assholes that have never experienced chronic pain, persistent physical problems, and the feelings that go with them, get a special place in hell, if there is a hell outside of life itself. FUCK THEM. Ummm… What was my point? Oh… You’re body is sexy!

  5. Uh, sorry about the irrelevant, drunken rant that has nothing to do with your post. By the by, I was curious, about how tall are you if you don’t mind saying?

  6. It’s all good. We all need to let things out at one point or another. I almost did myself today, instead I just found some Taiwanese ROMs that I’ve been playing in MAME for a little while. That’s probably a bad idea to keep all that in.

    My driver’s license says I’m 5’8″ but I’m pretty sure I’m at least a couple inches taller.

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