“Alberto Rodriguez, the man WWE doesn’t want you to see” is the best thing going in Pro Graps at the moment.

For my non-Sports Entertainment liking and/or non-Spanish speaking readers (so like uhhh all three of you): he used to compete in WWE as Alberto Del Rio, until about a week ago when he slapped a dude for making racist remarks at him. Said racist was WWE’s director of social media (aka: a person literally paid to post on Twitter), and Del Rio was immediately shit-canned. All this really did was highlight WWE’s racist double standards: Alberto Del Rio is straight up fired for standing up to a racist asshole, while white guys on the roster start backstage fights for no reason, get arrested for DUI, or other unprofessional antics, and get rewarded with championships. I was already taking a break from WWE due to the shows being terrible (also CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are gone), but this incident forced my hand to change the channel to something else; reruns of Hoarders Buried Alive and iCarly are far better than Monday Night Raw at this point, and iCarly is literally the worst show I have ever seen in my life.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, Alberto is now part of AAA Lucha Libre. And due to the way he left WWE, is now a hero in Mexico. Due to some legal bullshit on WWE’s part, he can’t compete for, at minimum, 90 days, and one year at most (in the video, Dos Caras is holding Alberto back so he can’t keep fighting, and this is the reason why). AAA incorporating that into their current story is an incredible touch that I’m surprised no other promotion has ever done it. Basically, it’s, “Alberto, no! They’re preventing you from competing. If WWE see you fight, they’ll sue you!” Very sympathetic stuff.

4 thoughts on “Wrasslin'”

  1. So I guess now is a bad time for me to try to get back into professional wrestling?

  2. It’s a bad time to get into WWE, since the product is pretty shit at the moment, or TNA, which is about to get its show cancelled. It’s a great time to check out other stuff, though. New Japan Pro Wrestling has been pretty hot for the last year, and the feuds and stuff are pretty to understand for baka gaijin like ourselves. AAA seems pretty cool, and is about to air on US television in about a month or so with English commentary, killing that language barrier. And then Global Wrestling will hopefully begin sometime soon, assuming Jeff Jarrett gets all of his ducks in a row.

  3. I’d also be willing to complete forgive WWE if they changed the Monday Night Raw theme song from whatever Nu-Metal crap they have now to Ol’ Dirty Bastard’ “Shimmy Shimmy Ya.”

  4. Cool, thanks. I’ve heard good things about the Japanese stuff, so I’ll have to check it out sometime. I’m alright with watching some muscled Japanese men grab and slap each other.

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