I’ve finally played Monster Hunter

I’ve been busy these last couple of days. And by “busy,” I mean listening to a lot of Danzig (I’m very partial to ogling at him in his early “skinny scene kid wearing anime t-shirts fronting The Misfits” days) and making fun of dumb nerds on Twitter sincerely posting in the #GamerGate hashtag (long story short: some game sites got mad at shitty gamers constantly harassing Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian and gamers are predictably throwing a childish temper tantrum about it and my “make Twitter jokes” sense started going off hardcore). I’ve also fallen for the Monster Hunter hype. Monster Hunter 3 is currently on sale on the 3DS store for twenty bones, but my SD card doesn’t have enough space to play the demo. Then I remembered, “oh yeah, that’s right! I have a copy of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on PSP that I’ve owned for years but never made a whole lot of progress in.” So I just played that instead and I’ve been digging hard on it.


This is my character at the beginning of the game. He ran around in a thong killing monsters.



And this is after killing a ton of monsters. He looks really cool now.

If any of the handheld games had online multiplayer that you didn’t have to perform arcane, Satanic rituals to access, I would post all my skills and stats and whatnot. Although there isn’t much in the way of a “skill set” other than I prefer using Long Swords to other weapons.

3 thoughts on “I’ve finally played Monster Hunter”

  1. Danzig was hella sexy in those early years.

    This game looks pretty fun… Yet another reason to get a DS. I’ve heard it’s not unlike Dark Souls in the way its action is very deliberate and involves a lot of animation priority.

  2. Oops, just noticed you said this was one of the PSP games. I assumed you were talking about the more recent MH4 for 3DS, haha. In any case, point is the same. Monster Hunter looks to be worth checking out.

  3. Yeah, it’s very much like Dark Souls, but with a much more pronounced difference in weapon types, and really cool customization and crafting.

    I was actually about to buy MH3 on 3DS, after I got my hands on a Circle Pad Pro (my birthday is on Friday, and I was hoping I could save twenty bucks and convince someone else to buy it for me). But I guess MH4 is finally getting a US release pretty soon and looks to actually have an online mode, so I guess I can wait a little while longer.

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