Early Winter 2k14

Summer is over, and Fall is starting to make its presence felt. Of course, here in Colorado, there’s no such thing as this mythical “Fall” I hear so much about. We just get an early Winter. All the joys of driving on badly maintained, snow slicked roads and freezing my ass off, only months before everyone else. This is also the time when I seem to metaphorically dive headfirst into the Indie scene and listen to more melancholy, dreary tunes. Which means that I’m making another music post.

4 thoughts on “Early Winter 2k14”

  1. Cool. Of course, I know Ivory Circle and Blonde Redhead, but I found some gems in this mix. Melancholic and dreary is definitely my speed. Thanks! Have you ever listened to Chris Cornell’s first solo album Euphoria Morning? I always thought it had a nice melancholic overtone to it. It’s often what I put on when I want that kind of mood.

  2. Random thought: I just happened to be listening to the song North by North by Faded Paper Figures and it seems to fit the theme of this soundtrack pretty well. Indie and somewhat wintry, that is. Good stuff.

    (P.S. Argh… If my incessant commenting is bothersome, I apologize. Feel free to straight up tell me to lay off. It’s just that I realized I’ve been trying to get rather chatty with you a lot. At least, trying much more than I would with most people. You’re about the only person I especially like and find interesting, other than, for instance, my friend who I sadly haven’t been able to communicate with in a while. Perhaps I’m trying to fill that hole.)

  3. Dude, never, ever feel bad about leaving comments. They’re half of what makes this site special. Otherwise, it’s just me talking to myself like a freakin’ loon.

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