More behind the scenes Sword of Moonlight stuff

I’ve decided to introduce a little structure to my creations. Normally, when designing things, I just make it up as I go along. This is a really, really bad idea that has worked literally only one time before, so I don’t know why I keep doing it.

First things first, I’m starting to actually write out a script. I jot down the name of the character in question, their basic description, and then their lines. The dialogue is put into blocks, so it’s easier to┬ácopy and paste it into the game.


Doing this will hopefully make things much easier for me. After all, don’t you want rich, unique characters with profound lines like this?


A while back, I found a blank notebook of graph paper that I stole from my last job. I decided that it would be a good idea to use that paper to draw up my maps, then recreate them by hand in Sword of Moonlight. Using notebooks for vid con stuff isn’t a new concept for me; I still have some notebooks lying around somewhere full of notes I took for games that I had to stop and think about. Somewhere, there is a notebook that’s full of barely-readable scrawls where I’m figuring out every puzzle in Silent Hill 3.


I cannot draw in a straight line, even when the straight lines are provided for me. But this will be a level that you can play.

One thought on “More behind the scenes Sword of Moonlight stuff”

  1. Nice drawing, Michael J. Fox. Hardy har har!

    Ok, perhaps not that funny. But making light of a debilitating disease? That’s an American pastime, by God!

    I wish I had found grid-based or pen-and-paper games when I was younger. I would’ve been all about scribbling in my notebook. It’s strange going back and looking at some of my old writing or work. I get a strange feeling of disconnect, like the feelings and thoughts I had about it at the time were from another person.

    It’s cool you’re putting that level of organization and effort into it. I hope you see some positive results with those methods. I feel like your ability to write dialogue is pretty dang solid (9/11 conspiracies, aside), which is something that is all too often a point of weakness in video games. When I come across a game with even half-decent dialogue, it’s such a refreshing experience. I’m assuming there will be characters and story… Have you planned it out, that is, the premise and where you want to go with it, as well as the characters involved?

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