I had a bunch of shit I wanted to write here. Then I suddenly got really sick out of nowhere. Now I’m just playing SMTIV in between moans of agony due to hella stomach pains.

EDIT: Okay, I guess I actually managed to write something.

3 thoughts on “ugh”

  1. Blah, that sucks. Are you feeling any better? I spent most of last week and today seeing doctors and the like. As necessary as they are, I would be so happy if I never met another medical professional in my life.

  2. Yeah I’m good. I just ate some ruff stuff and it didn’t sit well.

    Also jeez I hope you’re doing all right. I become a bundle of sensitive nerves just visiting the dentist, having to see so many doctors sounds pretty terrible.

  3. Ah, glad you’re alright!

    It’s cool, I’m not dying…that I know of. Just chronically ill. I agree; it’s rather nerve-wracking and frustrating in my experience, especially when one has to deal with not so great doctors (more of them around than I’d like) and has problems that can’t be easily diagnosed and you come out the other side none the better for seeing them and being tested, poked, and prodded. Sometimes I get too anxious and cancel an appointment. Though, that can end up screwing me out of getting renewals when I need them, and then I want to shoot myself in the face, haha.

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