3 thoughts on “Super Mario Brothers Twine”

  1. That was pretty neat. I dig the humorously dark bits and kind of surreal take on Mario. ­čÖé

    I’ve never heard of Twine, but it looks like something that might be fun to toy with. Have you made any other stuff with it?

  2. This is the only thing I’ve made with it. I actually was not a big fan of the program until I made something with it, since I just felt like it was just making a webpage with links on it and not something you can make a game out of. So between this and my thoughts on fanfiction, this whole thing makes me seem like a big ol’ hypocrite.

    You can find a whole bunch of games made Twine (Depression Quest probably being the most popular), since I’m vaguely aware of various Game Jams that are centered around Twine.

  3. You big ol’ hypocrite. Well, aren’t we all. I had no idea Depression Quest was made with Twine. I have never gotten around to playing it. I’m only really aware of it because of the effect it and its creator had among the less mature and highly annoying portion of video game fans.

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