"New" Design

I’ve spent all freakin’ night trying to redesign this site. I eventually just decided that fuck it, this one works just fine. I replaced some header banners, removing some of the poorly compressed jpeg vid con banners left over from an old blog I had back in like ’06. Also put up a new (temporary) favicon. If the little box by the url isn’t a red exclamation point, let me know so I can strangle someone. And I’m on the sidebar now, looking down on my own content.

One thought on “"New" Design”

  1. Aww. That’s too bad. When I get frustrated trying to come up with a design, I usually just default to my old favorites: dark colors (usually black) and extreme minimalism. I’m not sure why, but I always find that aesthetic pleasing and cathartic. In any case, you can always change it up later if an idea hits you. The favicon is working, just so you know. Got a laugh out of your pic looking down on everything you post. Great subtext, haha.

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