I haven’t done a whole lot lately, which is why my updates are either shit I wrote years ago, or talking about redesigning the look of this site. Like, I can’t really make a good post about how the last few days have been me either writing game dialogue, jackin’ it, explaining a Simpsons reference to a model, or playing Link’s Awakening and Majora’s Mask (for research) with the sound off, listening to moody indie music or an episode of the Attitude Era Podcast instead. It’s fine to live those events, but dull as shit to read about.

Sorry. I’ll try to make something or do a music post or whatever to break up the monotony.

5 thoughts on “Boredom”

  1. I was wondering where you were. I miss you friend. Let’s play RE Mercs again someday.

  2. Yeah dude, I’m just chilling out over here. I just had to do my thing away from all the weirdos and creeps and racists on Tumblr.

    I have to check out my PS3 soon. I haven’t turned it on in a while because it was making weird noises again. But the weather is cooling down, so it might be alright. If not, there’s always Mercenaries 3D, I suppose.

  3. Haha… Isn’t that the second time you’ve tweeted at SK with a reference going right over his head? Good stuff. He’s still super yummy.

    Life can be boring sometimes. I don’t envy the idea of trying to maintain a blog. I’m way too lame for that. What kind of research are you doing with LA and MM? Having a lot of Zelda nostalgia from my youth, I like to replay those games on a semi-regular basis.

  4. Yes I have. I’m never telling jokes to models ever again. Not even to the ones I know IRL. All pretty people have had their joke privilege revoked because I had to explain a fucking Simpsons reference, I mean come the fuck on, people.

    Shit’s boring now, but Smash Bros is coming out on Friday, so I’ll probably have a bunch of posts about it (spoilers: I plan on posting fake bug reports and non-existent balance issues with non-existent characters on Twitter). Especially if the level editor is in the 3DS version (it fucking better).

    Anyways. I’m playing LA and MM because one, those are my fav Zelda’s and I was bored one night and just fired up some emulators. Also because I want to do a similar “messed up dream world” style of game with what I’m working on. Sword of Moonlight’s graphics fit that style perfectly, but I don’t want to just make it surreal for surrealism’s sake. So I’m breaking down these Zelda games to see how they work.

  5. Lmao! I’m sorry. Pretty people kill me, sometimes. I am so mesmerized by their aesthetic while simultaneously dismayed by what lies beneath it. Not calling out anyone in particular, to be clear. It’s just that feeling that once you peel the skin off, you’re left with the same gooey mess as anyone else. Does that sound overly cynical?

    Speaking of… I’m feeling you on the whole “needed to get away from Tumblr and its bullshit” thing. On a whim, I decided to look around an internet community I used to frequent waaaaay back. FUCKING CHRIST! I wanted to throw my monitor across the room. After about two hours of lurking through it, my eyes glazed over and I began to feel this intense need to sit under a scalding shower and do a lot of hard drugs to numb that utterly sickening feeling welling up inside me. I felt even worse knowing there was a time when I thrived in that sort of environment.

    Anyway, those are my favorite Zelda games, too. I love MM’s quirky, surreal atmosphere. I’m also a side-quest whore, which that game caters to. At least when it comes to Nintendo’s own franchises, they have had some of the best game designers around, so I’d say those are hardly bad places to do research. It seems like they have a knack for bringing everything (art, music, mechanics, “feel”, etc.) together to create a complete, quality experience. I hope you find it beneficial for your project. I do love good surrealism, so color me intrigued.

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