Another Sword of Moonlight update


I have been hella procrastinating on this project, lately. I tell myself that I’m just in that part of design where I play a bunch of other games and steal their ideas analyze their strengths. While I have been doing that (I bought Oblivion and Dragon Age last week, and have been mentally taking notes on what I like and don’t like), it’s just an excuse to goof off, really. I just haven’t been up to it, is all. Mostly due to a massive lack of creativity I’ve been feeling lately.

Tonight, though, I got back into the thick of things. The reason being is that I’m just tired of the way things are. After these last couple of months of bull shit (see last post) silencing tactics by bigoted turds climbing out of the toilet that is The Internet, the one thing the world absolutely needs right now is more “undesirables” making games. My big gay ass is back into map making, dialogue writing, and tedious difficulty testing.


2 thoughts on “Another Sword of Moonlight update”

  1. Did I already say I’m looking forward to this / keeping tabs on this?

    I hope lots more people start making games with this thing.

  2. You did!

    More Sword of Moonlight projects would be fantastic. It’s not even a particularly complicated program or anything. A bit limited, sure, but more than adequate enough to make something good with it. There has to be some way to get its name out there a bit more.

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