The Last Day

Today is James’ last day in Verdite. After this, I’ll be starting up a new game of Animal Crossing. I grew tired of a boy named James dressing up and acting like a girl. I want to be me, even in the fictional video game world.

I took some screenshots, hoping to get some funny quips from the villagers. Unfortunately, they only wanted James to catch bugs and shit for them. Joke’s on them: he won’t be around to catch them.


I put James back into some guy clothes for his last day.



I have to say, it felt a little sad playing today. Not because of anything within Animal Crossing itself. I mean, it’s just a video game. I’ve been in such a rush to change everything; to just dive head-first into my transition and be a woman already, that I didn’t stop to realize that James is going away. He’s a guy who has been around my whole life, and a part of me will miss him. I feel like he’s dead. He’s not, though, because he never lived. He was just a mask; a role that I played up until now. And now I can’t wait to be the real me. This game was a (hokey, let’s be real) way of saying goodbye.


Goodbye, James.

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