Will games ever get better? Ha ha ha ha ha ha


We can all laugh at that guy who tried to murder a woman over games, but failed after rolling his car- sorry, I meant his mom’s car (even when being horrifying criminals, they still can’t avoid falling into every gamer stereotype). But that won’t happen twice. The next time, a different gamer “vigilante” will come along. He’ll be able to drive better, aim better, be far more inconspicuous, and we’ll have our first (human) murder on our hands.

The industry does not give a shit about us. They never have, and they never will. If you do not “fit in” then you are not welcome. You only have to look at the last seven months of dead fucking silence, if not outright support, for this group of unhinged misogynists. People like to say that there’s always the Indie Scene, but it’s only a matter of time before the concept of striking out on your own and making what you want, free of societal obstacles is taken away by the same hate machine that is running the big show, too.

My only advice to any ladies out there (as well as myself) is this: if you’re going to make games, then you had better pour your heart and soul into it. Make it the absolute best game you can possibly can, because you may very well have to, quite literally, die for it.

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