The Industry Does Not Condone Harassment

At the 2015 Game Developers Conference, speeches were made, ideas were shared, Tim Schafer played with a puppet. It was all done to let us, the people, know that the game industry was tired of the disgusting black eye that is Gamergate. They let us know that they do not condone the harassment of the women and minorities in the field, and especially not the harassment that has been happening for the last seven months.

“The Industry does not condone harassment” they told us. Nintendo just gave a featured role in an upcoming game to Adam Baldwin, the man who gave Gamergate its name, and whose actions only served to drastically increase the harassment and stalking of Zoe Quinn and several others.

“The Industry does not condone harassment” they told us. Mark Kern just¬†accused someone of being “anti-freedom” when they mentioned that Gamergate was targeting their children.


“The Industry does not condone harassment” they told us. EA’s Director of Communications threw a temper tantrum over the Gamergate Auto Blocker, comparing it to both The Scarlet Letter and the fight over the Gaza Strip. And I’d like to take a brief aside to talk about those comparisons. First, The Scarlet Letter? That just seems like an odd comparison to make. Can you think of anyone in games, particularly a woman, who has been “marked,” so to speak, due to (false accusations of) infidelity? Can you think of a game designer/programmer/writer who has had her life ruined and her privacy turned into a terrifying sideshow after being labeled a whore? Like, maybe they became known for a game about dealing with a mental disorder?¬†Yeah, I can’t either. Which is good, because if such a person did exist, that “Scarlet Letter” line would be extremely fucking offensive. Second, the Gaza Strip line. Now, I’ve never been to Israel or Palestine, so I could be 100% wrong about this, but something tells me that wall was not built because Israelis were being inundated with gore pics, child pornography, and/or Zoe Quinn’s stolen nudes. Again, though, I could be wrong!

“The Industry does not condone harassment” they told us. PAX East hired a Gamergate supporter to work security at their event. The “Enforcer,” as he was called, proceeded to stalk and take photos of Brianna Wu, a Gamergate target.

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“The Industry does not condone harassment” they told us. Game developers and publishers are still willing to do business with TotalBiscuit after siccing his thousands of followers on people who criticize him, referring to Leigh Alexander as an alcoholic, and contacting the employers of people who hurt his feelings.

“The Industry does not condone harassment” they told us. They still blame Kotaku and Polygon for that Law and Order episode, and not themselves or the audience they have cultivated lo these many years.

“The Industry does not condone harassment” they told us.

The Industry is full of shit.

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