There’s something that’s been bugging me a lot lately. I mean, it’s something that has always bugged me, but now, with me and my whole gender thing, it’s becoming more and more disgusting, and more and more aggravating.

Trans Fetishism.

Now, this isn’t me complaining about people finding Trans people attractive, or folks liking mine, or other peoples, nudes or cranking your rod to a Bailey Jay video or whatever. That’s normal. I’m talking about all those creepy “sissyfication” blogs. Slug-men sending you incomprehensible messages about fembois, shecocks, BBCs (not to be confused with the television network), or whatever the fuck these weirdos come up with. Have you ever actually seen this shit? Like, images with weird ass captions about “being a good girl for big black dick” or “hypnosis” videos about also “being a good girl for big black dick.” It always goes back to this bizarre fetishism of race and gender, where Black men are these savage sex machines and women, or in this case, sissy boys, are subservient Real Dolls that can cook and clean.

Let me make this clear:

  • There is nothing wrong with having sex with Black people, so you can fuck right off with your racism.
  • There is nothing wrong with being a woman, so you can fuck right off with your misogyny.
  • There is nothing wrong with being Trans, so you can fuck right off with your transphobia.
  • Just fuck off.

I don’t like having to log in to a social media website and see that trannyguy86 is now following me. Although I guess it’s better than the alternative; trannyguy86 following a woman in real life. But it still pisses me off. Like, this is my fucking life here. I am a woman. That’s me. This isn’t a fetish or some sex thing; I don’t put on makeup and women’s clothes so I can get a boner and go jack off. I’m not a trap, or a sissy, or a femboy, or a shemale, or a tranny, or whatever degrading term you want to use. I don’t post pictures of myself for you, you creeps. I do it because, now that I’ve begun figuring out who I am, I’m becoming more and more confident in how I look. That’s something I want to share with others. Whether I’m wearing a Macho Man Randy Savage t-shirt that nobody picks up the irony of, or if I’ve got my dick hanging out, that’s something I want the world to see. Notice how I didn’t say the underworld. Take note, losers.

And if you’re going to write sexed up prose about us for your caption blog, at least learn how to fucking writing first. Jesus Christ.

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