One Year

We’ve finally hit the one year mark of Gamergate. It never ended. It only got worse. And I’m sick of it.

Sick of seeing my friend’s life being turned into a sideshow attraction for slack-jawed yokels to gawk at.

Sick of seeing abusers being rewarded for the pain they’ve caused.

Sick of seeing their Patreon funds in the tens of thousands.

Sick of seeing the Patreons of worthwhile people barely reaching the hundreds.

Sick of seeing that screencap of Donald Trump’s squinty melon head retweeting one of Gamergate’s most notable stalkers.

Sick of seeing people with the power to make change turn a blind eye and leave us to clean up the mess they helped cause.

Sick of seeing indie game concern trolls with an obvious, nonsensical grudge against Zoe fan the flames of harassment using social justice rhetoric.

Sick of seeing yet another innocent person dragged into the quagmire “for the lulz.”

Sick of seeing yet another right-wing opportunist get their second wind working these woman-hating marks.

Sick of seeing more and more people give up their dreams out of fear.

Sick of seeing the media and their bullshit Golden Mean giving equal airtime to neo-nazis and pedophiles.

Sick of seeing my friends in pain, and not being able to do a damn thing about it.

Sick of seeing the same falsehoods published as fact one year in.

Sick of seeing assholes, both in favor of and against Gamergate, shamelessly profiting off this entire thing.

Sick of seeing Zoe referred to as “The Gamergate Girl” or “The Gamergate Victim,” as though she has never made any other notable accomplishments in her life.

Sick of seeing people threaten suicide because things became too much to handle.

Sick of seeing another day knowing that two people actually went through with it.

Sick of seeing supporters slowly but surely turn their backs on all of us because they’re tired of hearing about Gamergate all the time.

Sick of seeing another “Ethics” image meme.

Sick of seeing Vivian James.

Sick of seeing Eron Gjoni as a free man.

Sick of seeing that nothing has changed.

Sick of it all.

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