How Are You?

I saw her again today.

A real classy dame. A very beautiful woman. The type of woman that you wine and dine and see a movie and walk through the park and hold hands with. The type of woman with whom sex is not the first thing on your mind (yet it is not the last thing, either!), as you enjoy your time together way too much.

I don’t see her very often anymore, so when I do, it is a cause for celebration; of running around giving high-fives to my friends who tell me, “way to go, dude!” as though I just won something.

I grab her the same way a snake grabs its prey, but with less violent intentions. Quick and firm. I hold on for two seconds that feels like ten minutes longer than I really should, but thankfully she does not mind.

This text is stupid, huh? Let me start over.

There exists, in this world, in this plane of existence, a woman with whom I am in love. She is great. She is also probably way too good for a guy like me. Of course, I always keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best!

Actually, hold on. Let’s go back to what I had before.

I finally let her go. She smiles and gives a slightly sad sounding awww for my actions. Should I be glad she did that? Offended? Whatever, I want to talk to her for at least a minute; I can die happy after that. Maybe.

The night before, I had a dream involving her and some of my friends. We all worked in the same store, except now it had remodeled to resemble a fictional high school out of some Hollywood film I never saw. One of my friends, a tall, half-Japanese man starred and directed a live musical in which all of the actors sang in Japanese and carried around tennis rackets. I then got yelled at by my ninth grade teacher for staying longer than my allotted thirty minute lunch break to watch this play, even though I wasn’t even working that day.

This girl and I walked out to the parking lot, where my mother gave us a ride home.

Back in the real world, staring at this very real woman, I wondered what that all meant. Good Lord, could there ever be a satisfying answer to something like that?

Man, this whole thing is stupid. Let’s try this:

I love this woman. Hopefully she loves me back. The End.

Nevermind, that last sentence before this other last sentence is a much better ending.

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