James' Dream Diary: Entry #31245674

On the ocean floor, there is a city. This city is more like a gated community, in that only the rich, powerful and bourgeois are allowed in. I am only a normal man, so I live above ground. However, for some reason, I work full time for these people who live underwater.

The only way to get there is via submarine. Traveling underwater is dangerous, thanks to a large, angry monster who swims around attacking anything and everything it comes across. Due to this monster and the amount of time it takes to actually launch a sub, these trips to work can sometimes take hours. By the time we’re done avoiding the monster and arrive at the docks, I’m never in a mood to get any work done, to the point that I don’t even remember my profession.

I get into an all-terrain Suzuki jeep with two other people (Co-workers? Friends?) that my subconscious helpfully made up for me. We decide to go joyriding through the streets, which resemble model cityscapes that are always popular at Christmas time. In other words, fake, plastic light posts and street signs guide and direct us as we speed past immaculately detailed Plymouth Furies made of candy. This city is self-governed, so there is no fear of police pulling us over for our reckless behavior, if there are even other people here besides us (I can’t remember). We zip through a straightaway at 85 MPH when I see flying object directly behind us, dropping altitude until it is nearly resting on our back headrests.

The object was a hot air balloon, piloted by my friend [XXXXXX]. [XXXXXX] is a skilled balloon pilot down here, it seems. She lands on a small flatbed we have behind our seats, and I notice she’s really sunburned. It’s almost painful to even look at. She strikes up some small talk while we make our way to a nearby stop we tend to frequent: a small, obsessively organized bookstore that only sells poorly translated Japanese manga.

While my two friends are burying their faces in the latest releases, [XXXXXX] and I begin making out by the Starbucks in the store. I wondered the entire time if my hands were hurting her burned skin. But since she never said anything, I dropped it.

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