Game Dev Journal: 10/31/2015

I haven’t mentioned it in some time, but I’m still very much hard at work on my portion of Moonlit Corpse (for new readers: this KillScreen piece will get you up to speed). Though I bitch and moan and give out about the state of Independent Video Games and the various exclusionary jack-offs within, I still like working on games and putting them together. This is probably because I am an idiot. Who knows?

Anyways. I’ve been working and, while I’m not afraid of my work not being up to snuff, design wise, I am worried about not sticking with the whole spirit of the project. The whole idea being that we’re using this esoteric development tool designed around a series of surrealist action-RPGs, and I feel as though I’m being a little too rigid in my approach. Like, I tend to look at games on a mechanical level first; I can sit and talk your ear off about how adding a punch button to Resident Evil 6 makes up for the campaign levels being kind of shitty. And I’m thinking that this is the wrong way to go about things here. I’m so focused on proper enemy placement and weapon balance that I have to stop and ask, “would anyone actually enjoy exploring this place?” Right now, I don’t think anyone would.

If I could make a comparison to another From Software title, Dark Souls II changed a lot of things regarding how it was actually played (mostly) for the better. But, man, Drangleic was not a world worth conquering. I don’t want that. Now, I’m sure as hell not going to scrap all my work; I’m not stupid, but I think I should maybe take a couple days and really sit down and think about what the heck it is I’m doing.

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