Hey everyone, it’s Barbara. You’re probably like me: damn sick and tired of these queer liberals coming up to you all “duh buh hey quit blowing your smoke directly into my stupid child’s face hrghlgh blrlgh!” Listen here, pal, I’m an American, okay? Now this may be a unique concept to you and your Cambodian Rentboy, but as an American, I have freedoms. Or at least I did until we got some pinko democrat in the white house. Either way, I’m still gonna smoke. And what better way than with Eclipse brand cigarettes by RJ Reynolds Tobacco? So now you and your dumbfuck bastard child can sit there and groove on this, bitch: there’s almost no smoke in these bad boys! That’s right. Hey, don’t have an orgasm on me, Hillary! Almost no “harmful” vapors in the air! Wouldn’t want that little shit building character or anything.

So buy RJ Reynolds brand Eclipse brand cigarettes today! Tell them Barbara sent you, and you’ll get discounted 69 cents! Fuck!!

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