No really, make me the new Sonic

I’ve been making jokes for the last few months about wanting to take over the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account, which is currently pretty terrible. But now I think it’s time I got serious about this. Sonic is a character that deserves better than what he’s getting. The games are slowly starting to get better (Lost World was much better than I expected, and Sonic 4 Episode II was leaps and bounds above Episode I), but his reputation is still in the gutter, ten years after Sonic ’06. His current try-hard, meme-spouting social media presence doesn’t help.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a character that’s all about peace, love, and good times. A chill dude who has fun days with his friends. Good music. Eye-pleasing bright colors. An environmentalist literally fighting colonialism. He’s all these wonderful things rolled into one Dude With ‘Tude. Sonic the Hedgehog is absolutely not someone who makes tired jokes about trans people that even 4chan would’ve considered played out back in 2011. Nor would he be a guy who throws stones in a glass house. He’s Sonic, for crying out loud, not Tom Kalinske circa 1991! Talking trash about marginalized people and your peers isn’t chill. And in this current environment, there needs to be someone in games making people happy and being entertaining. Someone to let people of all walks of life feel safe for wanting to be involved in games, whether it’s playing them, talking about them, making them, or anything else.

And I think I’m the person to do it. And if you also think I’m the right person for the job, feel free to share this plea and let SEGA know that we need a new Sonic!

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