Overwatch Headcanons: Symmetra

  • Symmetra is a big fan of gangbang porn. The image of a terrified girl surrounded by gross, hairy men is what does it for her.
  • Maintains a private Tumblr blog that is mostly pictures of Sasha Grey licking toilets.
  • She’s frequently single, because she can’t find anyone willing to choke her that also isn’t a total creep (there’s a difference between fantasy and reality).
  • Dedicates her Friday evenings to a big bowl of home-made noodles and one or two Vicodin pills.
  • Based her laser weapon on a drug-induced hallucination she had as a teenager. She wisely decided against including the part where she thought her dead Grandmother called her a disappointment.
  • Symmetra’s emotional detachment is not a gimmick; her lack of empathy has gotten her a lengthy posting career on 4chan.
  • She doesn’t really hang out with the other Overwatch heroes, but does have very lurid fantasies about Junkrat. She’s been thinking about making a pass at him where she asks if he can “make her explode too.”
  • Symmetra doesn’t speak with her family anymore. She doesn’t really speak to anyone. She prefers it that way, to be alone with her own thoughts, broken up only by feelings caused by her hypersexuality.
  • She watches a lot of anime, but doesn’t like to talk about it unless it’s anonymously.
  • Her anime habits include a lot of hentai.
  • Symmetra once set up a Twitter account solely to yell at “SJWs.”
  • Not much of a gamer, but loves looking at erotic fan art of video game characters.
  • Loves taking pills.

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