Broken Toys

Several months ago, I attended a fundraiser to support victims of Japan’s recent natural disasters. This event was put together by Kotaku head honcho, Brian Crecente. It was as much fun as you would expect while in a large room full of Kotaku readers (not fun at all). Nothing quite like hanging out at Cervantes Ball Room, a fairly prestigious concert venue, to see groups of people whose combined weight would be equal to three clones of King Kong Bundy play Rock Band 3 on a stage where I normally see actual bands play!

Anyways. During the event, a representative of the upcoming Lego Universe MMORPG handed me a non-descript box. Inside this box, he told me, was supposed to be a model of Wall-E reconstructed entirely with Legos and was going to auctioned off for extra charity money. Instead, he dropped the box, disassembling the model inside and gave it to me just so he could be rid of it. With quality control like that, I can imagine Lego Universe will be the Finest Game of This Generation. The next morning, I put Wall-E back together in an attempt to work through the hangover I had given myself.

Here it is. It…kind of looks like Wall-E? The basic form is there, but there is definitely something missing here.

What could have helped out the Japanese people in their time of need is now sitting on my desk, free of charge. I guess I should feel bad about that but uh, let’s not kid ourselves here: nobody was going to buy this.

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