Overwatch Headcanons: Mercy

  • Mercy is trans, and also has the largest penis of all the members (no pun intended) in Overwatch.
  • Not actually a findomme, despite the whole “charging money for healing” thing. She just wants to get paid for her work, is all.
  • Mercy likes to make small games in Twine, but never posts them online out of nervousness.
  • Doesn’t give a fuck about being Safe For Work, and posts/reposts porn on her social media accounts willy-nilly. Lucio found out what “hot-dogging” was that day.
  • Heavy, heavy drinker.
  • This also has a nasty side-effect of Mercy being hungover during Overwatch skirmishes.
  • Likes to watch medical dramas (like Grey’s Anatomy) and complain about how unrealistic they all are.
  • She has a piss fetish.
  • Mercy loves Vaporwave. She follows all the major AESTHETIC blogs.
  • Once had a thing with Mei prior to “Phamercy.” It leads to some awkward moments when Mei needs healing; they don’t look each other in the eye anymore.
  • Has an account on r/healsluts, but doesn’t post, only lurks.

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