Why Do You Follow Me?

I’d like to think, lo these many years, that I’ve made my political stances very clear. Those stances being: fuck your racism, fuck your misogyny, fuck your homophobia, fuck your ableism, fuck your antisemitism, and you had better believe, fuck your transphobia. If you’ve got a form of bigotry, it can go fuck itself. I’m not here for that shit. I’m also not here to hand-wring over some broken windows, or some tipped over trash cans, or some meaningless debate as to whether or not advocating for ethnic cleansing is “free speech.” Fuck that.

Despite this, I have this issue in various online places where people who would represent the exact opposite of these beliefs will follow me, hanging around, liking my less-political games and music posts. Some of these dickheads go around with fucking swastika avatars and “1488” in their usernames. Nevermind that the rest of the time, it’s me banging on about tranny shit and why punching nazis is extremely good. It’s a weird, aggravating thing that’s soured me on the whole “social media” concept.

Like, it’s so fucking insulting and embarrassing. I’m not interested in entertaining people who are no different than the gamergate losers who would write masturbatory fanfiction about mutilating my face with a broken beer bottle. I’m making artwork and problematic jokes for other people like me: queers who refuse to live within our current gender binary. I don’t want this audience of nazis and shit. And I sure as shit don’t want people to associate me with being “one of the good ones” for right-wing hatred. Fuck that. I don’t like to open up my “followers” page and see fucking Pepe avatars or the “alt-right” or whatever the fuck on it.

I ask these people: why do you follow me? This is a rhetorical question; I don’t care what your answer is. The answer is that you’re fucking stupid. And I want you gone. Don’t laugh at my jokes. Don’t nod at my essays. Don’t look at my art. Don’t even give me your money. My life, my art, anything that I make or do is not for the consumption of bigoted assholes. I don’t care if we both share a sense of nostalgia for the original Playstation or whatever, you’re a piece of shit. There are plenty of other people out there who happen to enjoy both video games and racism you could be hanging out with instead! They even have their own hashtag! I’m blocking as many of you dumbshit jokers as I can, but I want to make this post so as to be very, very clear, that this queer trans artist hates you.

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