Art Post for 2/18/2017

I mentioned this on my blog yesterday, that I’ve been having some trouble with complacency, and my descent into it. It’s just hard to put things together when you’re trying to work on bigger, more involved projects, and also dealing with life and mental illness holding you down. Try though I might, I still get a facefull of bad news and reminders of past traumas on a day-to-day basis, and you would think that that would fire me up and make me want to create so much stuff that it would be overwhelming, but it doesn’t. It has the opposite effect of total demoralization, which sucks.

So this update is my gimmick: Blood and Sailor Moon. Trauma and Gender Shit. Recognizable media in an unrecognizable form. Feminine media warped and mutated by someone who is not allowed to be feminine. It’s how I relate to the world these days.

Digital deformity.

As always, thanks for looking at a physical manifestation of my many, many mental illnesses.

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