You know how, in that overly-long, pretentious thing I wrote about Bloodborne, I was talking about how changing the world was an impossibility, and that the small victories should be celebrated because of it? Well, that was supposed to be today. I mean, fuck, Chelsea Manning is finally out of prison! She should never have been there in the first place, but at the very least, she’s not there anymore, and is relatively safe for the time being. Someone who was instrumental in the end of a shitty, unjust war no longer being punished by the US is one of those small victories. Seeing her celebrate her freedom by buying a pair of shoes and eating a pizza is some of the most powerful stuff you’ll see all year.

So naturally, this means everyone else has to ratchet their transphobia up a few levels higher than normal.

I guess people are finally starting to figure out that Graham Linehan doesn’t like trans people? I mean, in fairness, it’s not as though it’s something we’ve mentioned time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time or anything like that. We’ve just kinda kept that little messy business under wraps for literally years! Or, it could just be that you were all too busy scouring the Twitter feed of Vivian_James_Appreciator_42 and posting a screencap of what they had for breakfast or whatever the fuck you weirdos do for fun now that Gamergate is actually, really, for real this time not just a way to shit on trans people because I wasn’t mentioned in a an article on a dead video game website two fucking years ago, over, and didn’t bother to actually listen to us. Your inability to pull your heads out of your asses and see that just because some dude was talking mad shit about Milo or whatever was also a bigoted dickhead himself is frustrating as fuck, to say the least. Also, sidebar: enough with the goddamn screencapping. It’s weird, it’s creepy, and you’re only a home address away from become Leftist Kiwi Farms. Twitter screencaps may have meant something when assholes were spreading libel, doxxing, and publicly planning to do shit. Now? It’s worth nothing. That’s why I stopped doing it.

Oh, and then some publication I forgot the name of already reached out to Katherine fucking Cross of all people to write about Manning’s release. Like, what, was Blaire White not answering her e-mails today? Yeah, the hardcore Capitalist Trans Feminist whose most notable act of “activism” is repeatedly throwing other trans women under the bus, to the point of legitimately ruining careers and lives and nearly causing a couple of suicides, all because she was worried that she would get subtweeted by Leigh Alexander, suddenly loves whistleblowers who give the finger to people like Hillary Clinton through their mere existence. I mean, I still have actual nightmares and panic attacks worrying that some of the people Cross has hurt won’t be alive when I wake up the next morning, but hell, she’s the best face for talking about tranny shit because cis people are fucking morons. I scrolled through her disingenuous horseshit, and I want those few minutes of my life back, even if I just ended up wasting them anyway. She’s a spilled Coke away from becoming Gender Critical. Fuck off.

Then The Daily Show, because I guess you can only squeeze so much blood from a stone by calling Trump, “DRUMPF LOL,” decided to rely on their old standby of tranny jokes. Because the most easily mockable man in recent memory asks-nay, DEMANDS you take a shot at one of the groups his administration has gone out of their way to target! But I suppose when the “best” satire at the moment is West Wing fanfic writers pretending to be White House spies, I shouldn’t be too shocked people forgot how to actually be funny.

It’s all so fucking stupid. I’ve tried to tone down on the politics. Not because they don’t matter, but because yelling into a void for years on end and having my life being objectively worse as a result wasn’t fucking worth it. But on this one fucking day; this day, a national holiday dedicated to fighting phobia against LGBT people, where quite possibly the most famous, not-shitty trans woman is finally able to celebrate her freedom, and you fucked it up by being you. And that is bullshit! Give me the one fucking day where we DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH YOU, CIS PEOPLE! You and your token trans turncoats can kiss my fucking ass. I just want to play some video games and chill out to some good music for few seconds without that crushing reminder that, oh yeah, a lot of you want me dead.

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