A week and a half with Call of Duty: Black Ops

I recorded this clip earlier tonight. This is from the XBox 360 version of Carl on Duty: Black Cops.

You might watch this (or try to watch this; Treyarch only lets you upload clips that are thirty seconds or less for some ridiculous reason, hence the Benny Hill playing speed) and think, “golly James, you seem pretty good at this! You must really like it!”


This game is so stupid and I hate it and the only reason I’m even as remotely as good at it as I am is because there’s no skill involved. This is Babby’s First Military Shooter. I’m currently only playing it because I’m housesitting for a family on vacation and I need something to do while I sit around an empty house occasionally checking on their dying, decrepit dog. And since this is their XBox and not mine, I can’t exactly load up Harmony of Despair or NIER or Deadly Premonition or Lost Odyssey or something. So Carl on Duty it is.

On the plus side, this family has another XBox game that I have found very enjoyable and would heartily recommend:

it’s assassin’s creed: brotherhood

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