Goodbye, Metal Gear Online

The news is out. On June 21st, Konami is going to shut down the servers for Metal Gear Online, the multiplayer add-on to Metal Gear Solid 4. It was an add-on riddled with bad design decisions, dodgy netcode and was so full of rampant cheating it made the PC port of Modern Warfare 2 look good by comparison. I can’t imagine that it will be missed once it’s shut down.

Except maybe by me.

I admit, although I haven’t played the thing in over two years, I have something of a soft spot for MGO. Metal Gear Solid 4 was the pack-in for my Playstation 3, so this was the only vid con I had for a long time. The few matches I had that weren’t loaded with hackers and idiots trying to get around the text-based censorship (turning “fuck” into “****” as an example) were quite fun. All the wackiness of Metal Gear was on display; running around inside cardboard boxes, laying down porn magazines to distract enemies, an entire button dedicated to saluting. It was certainly unique.

As I sit here, typing this out, I currently have Metal Gear Solid 4 sitting in my PS3’s disc tray, downloading MGO’s final update. I think I’m going to run around and do some matches for old times’ sake. Either it will be the fun, cardboard box running times of old, or it will be the laggy, getting headshot through walls glitch abuse times of old. Regardless, I think I might actually miss this. At least we’ll still have Peace Walker’s online play.

Some screenshots I took back when I played religiously:


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