Dream Journal: X XXth, 20XX

It is sometime in the future. Far enough along for space travel and colonization of other planets. I’m invited to a friends’ wedding on one of these planets. This planet is dedicated entirely to manual labor. Construction, mining, all that good stuff. While I wait, I decide to take a walk around the various sites, which is when I realize that I’m not properly dressed for a wedding; I’m in a bright orange jumpsuit that looks more at home on a Gundam character. I figured that this was just standard issue for space travel, and go back to aimlessly wandering around until I find a nearby park, the only source of greenery around here.

There are a lot of people hanging around this park. I stand back and just people watch. People watch in my bright orange monkey suit. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice someone walking at a quick pace, coughing every other step. Every time he coughs, his entire head turns pink and his features disappear. Then there’s another person behind him with the same cough, only now his entire body is turning pink. Then everything goes to shit.

A loud scream rings out. A large pink amorphous blob is taking control of the people around me and messing with their appearances. People are morphing into either other people or into inanimate objects; someone even turns into a ball. In an attempt to break free, people being strangling one another. I run.

After a few moments of running, I find an empty library. This library contains only two different types of books: children’s titles and books about sports. And that was how I waited out the apocalypse- sitting down and reading.

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