11/10/2018: trying something new

Going to try changing things up on here. Making posts about stuff that isn’t “I’m sad/angry/bitter and the world sucks” all the time. As of late, I’ve been going around, looking at Japanese game blogs that still manage to maintain that mid-2000s internet aesthetic. Just folks making posts about whatever game they’re playing that day, with screenshots and little write ups, but without being full-on articles. Going to start doing stuff like that, though I’ll be including other interests besides games, but it’s still a good way to try and keep a positive outlook online during the dark times.

I got UFC 3 yesterday. Wednesday marked my two-month streak of sobriety, and I wanted to treat myself to something nice, and the game was $20. And it is a lot of fun. I’ve barely scratched the surface in terms of modes and match types, mostly challenging myself with things like “trying to win with CM Punk and Kimbo Slice” or having women’s matches where I repeatedly knock out Ronda Rousey.

Very cathartic stuff.

Plus, on the men’s side, you can KO/submit assholes like Matt Hughes and Tito Ortiz. And while there’s no Brock “I don’t like gays, write that down in your little notebook” Lesnar, the game did make sure to include another goofy looking homophobe to beat up. And for whatever reason, it’s fucking Dana White, the UFC president.

I’ll eventually try out the career mode and the create a fighter once this all gets boring. But for the day I’ve had the game, it’s been awesome.

I want to end this post on a high note, so here it is. I’ve been going through and deleting/uploading old photos on my phone, as I’m about to get a free upgrade and leave this hand-me-down iPhone 4 in the dust where it belongs. Here’s a spicy shot of me from two years ago. Have fun with that.