Hi everyone. I’ve been meaning to make a blog post for the last few weeks. But bad brain things and painful memories all happened, and I didn’t feel like writing a long-form post mid-meltdown. Now that things have stabilized a bit, let’s fucking do this.

There’s no real point to this post. Felt like doing another “say shit for the sake of saying it” thing. I got done doing some house sitting for the past week, and during that time, I finished not one, but two Zelda games. Zelda is a series that I’ve slept on for most of my life, as I grew up so ardently pro-Sega that I felt they were inferior to faster paced, less linear games in the same vein, like Beyond Oasis or Ys. In recent years, I’ve found that actually, no, they’re really good! The only downside is that they fall victim to the dreaded “I put the game down for a short time, then forgot what I was supposed to do when I picked it back up, so I’m going to have to start all over” syndrome. So while I’ve played and enjoyed the hell of out Zelda, I uh, haven’t finished that many of them. Before this, the only game under my belt was The Minish Cap. But I persevered, and beat both Breath of the Wild (though not at 100% completion), and the first Legend of Zelda.

I’d like to eventually get done with Link’s Awakening (probably end up waiting for the remake) and Majora’s Mask. Because I feel like a poser, calling those my favorites in the series, when I haven’t even finished them!

That’s pretty much about it. Now that I’m back home, I’ve resumed working on my game, which is coming along nicely, and hopefully will get a new demo out soon. So look forward to that.

Hold on, there’s not enough stuff here. I’m going to post a song too.

“I Hate Camera” by The Bird and The Bee

Until next time, take it easy, folks!