late night ramble, part whatever

Been pretty hard to try and write things as of late. I mean, hey, a whole week’s worth of some of the most transphobic bull shit I’ve seen since 2015, in a year that has already been some of the transphobic bull shit I’ve seen since 2015, has left me in a bad mood. This is a year where I saw some poor trans girl get doxxed for the heinous crime of going on social media and saying, “whoa, this new Evangelion movie looks pretty cool!” You think nothing would be worse or at least stupider than that, and then life finds a way to let you down more. I won’t say anything more on the subject (at least not until the internet annoys me into saying something again), but what happened to Isabel Fall was a bunch of bull shit, and I think it’s fucked up that the people who fucked her life up are portraying themselves as the real victims, and one of them is straight up capitalizing on her work. I will never change my mind on this. It sucks to see people I had a degree of respect for, either out of fear of losing an audience, or because they turned out to be stupid in the end, jumping onto the side of this #NotYourShield-esque ID-Pol defense going on, but whatever. Fuck them, too.

So, because of all this, it’s been hard to write. Like I said last time, I have some drafts in my folder, but every time I go to work on them, I think “eh, I’m not feeling this right now” and then I don’t finish them. Instead, I’ve thrown myself back to my other work. I’ve been drawing and programming a bit more than I have been. There’s some cool stuff I put together, but I’m not quite ready to show it off publicly just yet. You’ll have to wait until the end of December. I will however, post one image as a preview:

it’s a sumo wrestler. no i do not know why the gif does not animate well. aseprite’s export thing is being weird lately.

That’s all I’ve been doing this week: drawing 8-bit sprites and listening to Japanese Hardcore music. Haven’t really played too many games or watched anything outside of the usual AEW shows. I’ve been moody and boring, really. It’s Saturday night, maybe I should give myself a break? I’ll illegally download a PS2 game and write about it in a couple days, how does that sound?

Whatever, have this picture of a lewd maid I stole from Tumblr. I enjoy maid outfits from an aesthetic point of view. However, I also like them in the sexual sense.

Again, that’s the cool thing about having my own personally curated and maintained space: I can post whatever the fuck I want. No takes, no discourse, no bull shit. I can post my thoughts on games, an*me, sports entertainment, post some spicy pics, some good songs, whatever. Then I can go to my RSS reader and see more game opinions from people who aren’t jerks, and also more spicy pics. More people should do this.

Eugenics Scarlet Divinity- Noctis:ovium

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